810 Series

Aqua Borne Ceramithane Crystal Clear Finish is a water-borne acrylic-urethane clear coating that cross links itself as it dries resulting in a very hard, impervious finish. Crosslinking unites all the molecules to form a continuous barrier that protects the surface. The high-build formula achieves a luxurious, deep, rich finish with just two coats.Ā  Use on interior wood, metal, and masonry. Available in Matte Flat, Satin, and Gloss Finishes.

  • Passes Maple Flooring Institue Tests!
  • Passes Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Tests!
  • Very Easy to Apply! High Build! The Easiest Water-Based Clear You've Ever Used!
  • Use over Oil-Based Stains!
  • Formulated to Stand up to the Toughest Commercial Applications